Moms are mysterious creatures who even with all their commitments to careers, their communities and outside passions, manage to shape little beings into pretty cool folks. While we think all moms are amazing, we’ve chosen a very special group of our fave LA power moms who are not only holding down the fort at home, but are also creating, inventing, inspiring, innovating and pursuing their dreams in a wide variety of fields. From moms who make us laugh to incredible mompreneuers, these amazing ladies are kicking butt and taking names. Click through the slideshow to meet them.

Dr. Renee Dua, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Heal

Dr. Renee Dua is saving parents the headache of trekking to the doctor’s office for every little sniffle with Heal, the app for on-demand house calls. At the click of a button, Heal offers simple and affordable access to docs in the comfort of your home, 365 days a year. (Cue angels singing!) A game changer for sure, Dua passionately has her hands in all aspects of the company from running the biz and hiring physicians to designing the app. “I personally love treating patients first-hand and being able to see their lifestyles within their own homes, which helps me treat them. One patient I recently saw was a single mom of four, and two of her kids were sick over a weekend. Providing care and relief to that family and hundreds of others like them is the reason I started Heal.” Heal may be Dua’s baby, but her real babes are two boys under the age of three whom she loves taking to the beach and LA museums whenever she can.

photo: Dr. Renee Dua

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–Jennifer O’Brien