Moms are mysterious creatures who even with all their commitments to careers, their communities and outside passions, manage to shape little beings into pretty cool folks. While we think all moms are amazing, we’ve chosen a very special group of our fave LA power moms who are not only holding down the fort at home, but are also creating, inventing, inspiring, innovating and pursuing their dreams in a wide variety of fields. From moms who make us laugh to incredible mompreneuers, these amazing ladies are kicking butt and taking names. Click through the slideshow to meet them.

Xanthe Wells, Executive Creative Director for MAL\FORGOOD & Partner in OH YES! Pizza

As Executive Creative Director for MAL\FORGOOD (the social good arm of TBWAMedia Arts Lab who does Apple’s advertising), Xanthe Wells is truly a force to be reckoned with in an industry predominantly ruled by men. Wells says, “To the dismay of many of my advertising peers, a very small number of females make it to the top of the creative pyramid in advertising. In fact, only 11% hold the title of Creative Director so it’s very important to me to mentor young women as I go. I’ve also been actively involved in the 3% Conference for the advertising industry, where I’ve spoken and attended in the past.” When she’s not busy shattering the glass ceiling or working alongside ad legend, Lee Clow, Wells is also a partner in OH YES! Pizza—a new line of frozen pizzas perfect for kids with 12 veggies and fruits hidden in the crust and sauce. At the end of the day though, there’s no bigger passion than her two kiddos, 4-year-old Charlotte and 10-month-old Austin whom she loves taking on adventures. “All of our good ideas come from Red Tricycle. It’s true, I look weekly for things to do on the weekends since I’m not able to be with the kids during the week. One of my favorite Red Tri sparked ideas was taking the kids to Descansco Gardens where Charlotte and Austin can ride the little train.”

photo: Xanthe Wells

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–Jennifer O’Brien