Moms are mysterious creatures who even with all their commitments to careers, their communities and outside passions, manage to shape little beings into pretty cool folks. While we think all moms are amazing, we’ve chosen a very special group of our fave LA power moms who are not only holding down the fort at home, but are also creating, inventing, inspiring, innovating and pursuing their dreams in a wide variety of fields. From moms who make us laugh to incredible mompreneuers, these amazing ladies are kicking butt and taking names. Click through the slideshow to meet them.

Jo Ann Thrailkill, Co-Founder & CEO of The Pablove Foundation

Eight years ago, Jo Ann Thrailkill turned every parent’s worst nightmare into an incredibly special organization that’s helped countless families. When her own son, Pablo, tragically passed away from a rare form of kidney cancer, Thrailkill channeled her grief into action by co-founding The Pablove Foundation to fight childhood cancer. Today, she and her husband, Jeff, and their 22-year-old son, Grady, give their time and hearts to helping others who are struggling with childhood cancer themselves. Thailkill says, “Our vision is to help kids live…a love-filled life today and a cancer-free life tomorrow. We realize this through our Pablove Shutterbugs arts education program which allows kids with cancer to develop their creative voice through photography, as well as our Childhood Cancer Research Grants program which invests seed grants to young, daring investigators with new, cutting-edge ideas.” Pablove is funding 27 childhood cancer researchers totaling over $1.4 million in Childhood Cancer Research Seed Grants and serving 1,000 kids with cancer through Pablove Shutterbugs, including one research grant recipient who just announced he was going to clinical trial with a treatment protocol for pediatric liver cancer. We wish he, Jo Ann and all these amazing families nothing but the best.

photo: Jo Ann Thrailkill

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–Jennifer O’Brien