MandarinArts is a new concept studio for kids to organically learn the Mandarin language via dance, music, art, and drama classes. There’s no stilted classroom environment here—MandarinArts uses an adaptive Montessori method and understands that different children learn differently. Music, singing, play acting, drama, dance, arts, and crafts all come together to make learning Chinese engaging and fun. The studio also offers group and private piano and vocal classes, as well as specialty hip hop dance classes taught by a celebrity choreographer/dancer who has worked with big names in Asia and the US over the last 25 years (Coco Lee, Chico Benymon, Chris Brown, and Will Smith, to name just a few).

All classes are designed to accommodate non-native learners, meaning Americans with no connection to Mandarin won’t feel intimidated to enroll their children or even sign up for a parent and child class. If your children have Chinese language background, more advance group classes or private lessons are available. Kids from 1-16 years old are welcome to enroll. Summer camp is also available every year.

The tagline says it all: “It’s language. It’s music. It’s dance. All taught in Mandarin.” Come join the next generation of multilingual global leaders, today.

-from Selena Lee and Casey Wu, MandarinArts
16101 Ventura Blvd Suite 115
Encino, CA 91436
Phone: 8189222210
Online: https://www.mandarinartsstudio.com/


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