When we first spoke to Meghan a little over a year ago about the prospect of becoming Red Tricycle’s family events calendar editor, we were blown away by her bubbly personality, keen eye for divulging the coolest family activities in L.A., and downright enviable organization skills. Meghan seemed like someone we’d want to be friends with to gab over a glass of wine about all the fun events in Tinseltown.

Fast forward a year and we’re impressed by all that Meghan has accomplished as our Los Angeles calendar editor. She has managed to find awesome events each week in a vast city of freeways and dozens of neighborhoods. Curating the Red Tricycle events calendar is a far cry from her previous life where she worked over a decade in Product Development & Marketing for companies both established giants (AOL, eBay) and startups (Rent.com, eToys). Meghan knew she couldn’t keep working those crazy internet hours when her twins were born.  It wasn’t long before she found her way back to her first love – writing.  Now, when not exploring every nook and cranny of Los Angeles with her little ones, she’s usually writing about it.  Or playing, cooking, eating, running, and always reading  – children’s literacy is one of her other passions (if you’re looking for book suggestions for kids of any age, check out www.litforkids.com).

We are so thrilled to welcome Meghan as our first ever Los Angeles editor. Meghan will be writing local stories to help you have more fun with your kids, engaging with you on our Facebook page, and of course, continuing to curate the family events calendar. If you’d like to give Meghan a tip about what’s new in your neighborhood, what you’d like to hear more of (or less of), and any Los Angeles-worthy family news, shoot her an email: Meghan.Rose (AT) redtri.com.

Ride on!