The only thing better than a good playground is one that just got a shiny new makeover to become a great playground.  Griffith Park Rec Center Playground in Los Feliz has always been a fantastic place for fenced-in-fun, but your little guys will go nuts for the refurb that includes a zip-line, climbing rocks with hidden friends and shade. Next time you’re in the neighborhood (on the way to the Zoo?) check out this new and improved kids stomping ground.


photo credit: Nicole Castanada

Zippity Zip-Line
This place is bursting with awesome park entertainment, but the big draw is the brand-new zip-line. Kids can hop on and swing across like Spider Man swishing between sky-scrapers. It’s sure to be a hit with mini adrenaline junkies. And with soft sand underneath, newbies are cushioned from any tumbles. There are two long zip-lines, so waiting time is never long. Kids get to practice their run and jump at the starting side and zoom their way across. Be prepared to help out younger kids at the other end, since it can be tricky for smaller ones to shimmy their way back.


photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

Climb, Baby, Climb
Got a climber on your hands? This is their jam. There are loads of climbing opportunities here: ladders aplenty, a rope wall, wobbly bridge, and even metal climbing noodles. The most awesome attraction is a large faux rock mountain that’s perfect for a pretend Mount Everest hike.




photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

From Littles to Bigs
Got a toddler and an older kid? This place is perfect! Although most of the structures are meant for kids aged 5-12, there’s a specific structure especially designed for wee ones aged 2-5. So while big bro or sis is slamming down the huge twisty slides and swinging from monkey bars, your tiniest treasure can take on the cute mini slide, adorable bridge and little ladders meant for the younger set. Older and younger kids can join forces on the faux tree logs for a game of lumberjack, and kids of all ages will dig the pretend drum sets. (You can even take a turn, since Whiplash left you ready to lay down those beats).


photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

Still Want More?
If your kiddos still aren’t tuckered out, help them take a spin on the twirling sculptures and hear them squeal with dizzy delight. Or let them wobble on the modern plastic tire swing and get a wiggle work-out.

Oh, and there’s tons of sand; the soft, clean kind, too. So bring the buckets and shovels and let your kids dig, dig, dig.


photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

Got wheels? Smooth cement surrounds the play structures, and it’s screaming for scooter fun. Or bring a ball to kick around on the giant grass fields just outside the playground.

There are also several picnics tables on the grass areas, so you can pack some grub and chill after a long play session.

Or if your kids are still going strong, you could play a friendly game of tennis on one of the courts just a few steps away. You need to sign up in advance to book a court here, so it’s best to plan ahead.

Oh, and did we mention it’s fully gated? Ideal for a stress-free pre-Costco run, so your bargain-hunting babes can go wild while you chill out on a bench. With the trees and well-kept surroundings, you may even get a few minutes of relaxation time while your munchkins run around.  And be sure to bring sunblock and hats in the summer, since it’s sure to get hot. (While the playground thoughtfully incorporated lots of shade on the climbing structures for kids, there’s not a lot of shade for the grownups, so a big brimmed hat will be your best friend.)


photo credit: Elena Wurlitzer

Parking & Pit Stops
Parking is free and easy in a lot just off of Riverside (near the tennis courts). But bring a stroller if you have teeny tykes, as it’s a stretch from the lot to the park.

The bathroom is public and not too swanky. It’s also a bit of a walk from the playground (behind the tennis center office), so try to go when you park. There are no baby changing tables; be sure to bring everything you need if a quick change-out is needed.

Griffith Park Rec Center Playground
3401 Riverside Dr.
Los Feliz


What are you waiting for?  After you zip over, come back and let us know what your tinies think of those spectacular zip lines.

-Elena Wurlitzer