Ice Cream is having a moment! While cupcakeries are close at an astonishing clip, Los Angeles is discovering cool treats at an unprecedented rate. It’s about time – our weather calls out for icy goodness year round. Here are our favorite brand new places to get something spectacularly cold in these dog days of summer.  A couple are so new they’re still putting on the finishing touches to open ASAP, so get ready to be the first to try them.

The Harvest Bar

Ice cream can even be for breakfast! It’s not really ice cream, but kids think it tastes just like it, and in our book, anything that gets them eating spinach and spirulina is a-ok. There are six bowls to choose from, each with a sugar-free power packed base (that’s the part that tastes like ice cream). Hemp protein, spinach, coconut shreds – they all blend into a naturally sweet and spoon-able meal or snack, with tasty toppings (fruit and granola, so still healthy) that make a nice icy break from the fro-yo/gelato/ice cream sugar fests of summer.

We all scream for: The Protein Bowl is a mix of chocolate, peanut butter and banana that makes anything and everything you put on top taste sinfully rich.

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Photo credit: Jolie Loeb

-Meghan Rose

What’s your favorite new ice cream spot in LA? How about “old” ice cream place? Share your secret obsession in the comment section.