Ice Cream is having a moment! While cupcakeries are close at an astonishing clip, Los Angeles is discovering cool treats at an unprecedented rate. It’s about time – our weather calls out for icy goodness year round. Here are our favorite brand new places to get something spectacularly cold in these dog days of summer.  A couple are so new they’re still putting on the finishing touches to open ASAP, so get ready to be the first to try them.

Big Gay Ice Cream

New York’s Big Gay Ice Cream first hit LA with an ice cream truck. But Angelenos couldn’t get enough of the new school soft serve and the first LA store is opening at the end of summer. They’re bringing the classics like the Salty Pimp (vanilla, caramel, sea salt, chocolate dip) and the Bea Arthur (vanilla with dulce de leche dip, rolled in Nilla Wafer crumbs), and they’ll supplement those with some only-in-LA flavors. We can’t wait to see what those might be…

We all scream for: The Salty Pimp is a classic for a reason! (And the plain Speculoos is specu-tacular. But kids love anything with rainbow sprinkles.)

124 W. 9th St., Downtown LA, opening in September


Photo credit: Big Gay Ice Cream's Facebook Page

-Meghan Rose

What’s your favorite new ice cream spot in LA? How about “old” ice cream place? Share your secret obsession in the comment section.