There’s a new spot in Studio City, and Valley parents are rejoicing. The ever popular Joan’s On Third in the heart of LA opened a new location and with breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, marketplace, to-go foods and even kid-catering – you’ll find yourself wondering how you fed your family before it opened. While everyone loves Joan’s, read on to find the top ten reasons parents love it the most.

joans cheese

Of course you’re a longtime fan of Joan’s on Third. For years (decades?) you thought it was your secret spot for a Dean and Deluca-like lunch, cupcakes that made work mates swoon, and cocktail hour elegance in an instant. The paparazzi and expansion clued you in that the word was out. But you’ve moved – literally, and figuratively – and with kids (you don’t need those divine Hollywood Bowl picnics anymore) and distance (you moved to the Valley to have a bigger yard and better school) you haven’t been to Joan’s in a while. Joan’s second location has arrived, and with a wide-open seating plan and easy parking, it’s worth the drive for families across LA. Here’s why:

1. Kid Catering: Joan’s has a spectacular catering menu, and it has a whole section just for kids. So next time you want to elevate your birthday party fare, call Joan’s and serve Three Cheese Macaroni, fresh Chicken Tenders, crustless sammies, A Kids’ Garden Basket and mini cupcakes & cookies.

joans sammy

2. Soccer Night: We’ve all been there – you get home from soccer practice at 7:30 p.m. The kids are starving, you’re exhausted and the cupboards are bare. Swing by Joan’s while they’re kicking the ball and pick up Turkey Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes and a side of farm fresh veggies. You can even get wine!

3. Breakfast On the Go: Call as you leave the house and swing by to pick up your fried or scrambled egg and bacon breakfast sandwich or Irish steel cut oatmeal on your way to school. It’s a much better start to a long day than cold cereal. The coffee and croissant are for you.

joans counter

4. Parking: No one will ever argue the fact that parking in the Valley is SO much easier than parking in town. Plenty of street parking is available, and there’s a valet for when you’re in a rush.

5. Misters: Another indisputable Valley fact of life is heat. The new Joan’s has 30 seats outside on the covered patio, and don’t worry about the heat, they’ll mist you down to keep you cool. Ahhhhh.

joans family

6. Open Floor Plan, Open Kitchen: Kids like to run around. They need things to look at. Joan knows (this is a family business, with her kids working alongside her, and grandkids taste-testing the kid menu items) and so the open floor plan affords plenty of room to spread out and makes it easy to keep an eye on them. And the open kitchen gives little peepers something to distract them while they wait for their food – catch the action as chefs serve up salads, sandwiches, cheeses and pastries. In fact, the drool worthy pastry counter will keep them plenty busy, deciding what to eat after lunch.

7. Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger: (Bonus points if you know the classic SNL skit.) What’s new here is the cheeseburger, which is available Mondays only at the original Joan’s, but will be on the menu here every day starting at 3 p.m. It’s the perfect after school or pre-ballet class snack, not to mention dinner (for here or to go!).

joans burgers

8. Float That By Me: Also new for Studio City is the Root Beer Float. Premium ingredients, so while your kid will order it, you get to execute the ‘Mama Tax’ and sneak several sips.

9. Because The Holidays Approach: Need pies, cakes, an appetizer or cheese plate to bring to the pot-luck or family sit down? Why worry? Why work? Just swing and get one to go and guaranteed, your contribution will be the hit of the party.

10. Listen, Cupcake: Before there was a cupcake craze, there were Joan’s cupcakes. They are moist, decadent and perfect. When mini-cake mania moves on, there will still be Joan’s cupcakes. For teachers treats, birthday parties or for after you drop the kids at school and just because you deserve it – you gotta get a cupcake.   We’re nuts for the Marshmallow Cream Filled Chocolate, but we wouldn’t fault you if you prefer Red Velvet.

joans cupcakes


Now open Monday – Sunday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Joan’s on Third in Studio City
12059 Ventura Place
Studio City
Phone: 818-201-3900

-Meghan Rose

What’s your favorite local go-to spot for each and every meal? Let us know!