New motherhood comes with many challenges, but one of the toughest has nothing to do with naps or diaper changes, but rather meeting other moms. Making new friends is never easy, but as a mom it can be downright difficult to build a tribe of trusted mamas who will laugh and cry with you and go on local adventures with you and your little ones. A new app called Mush from the UK is debuting this month in LA, and it promises to help you make mom friends.

photo: Mush

The Backstory
Founded one year ago by UK moms Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz, the Mush app has made it its mission to help connect local, like-minded moms with kids of the same age. Katie and Sarah met on a London playground, babies strapped into carriers, and struck up a conversation as their two toddlers played. After forming a tight friendship, the two hoped to help other moms make similar connections and Mush was born, launching in May 2016.

One year later and over one hundred thousand women have downloaded the app and it’s even earned praise from the Duchess of Cambridge, who met the founders at an event supporting mental health saying, “It is lonely at times and you do feel quite isolated but actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you are going through. But it’s being brave enough, as you obviously were, to reach out.”

The app has finally made its way across the pond, and like so many other fabulous Brit imports, the first stop is LA.

photo: Mush

How It Works
While you can certainly meet moms on the playground, or at mommy and me classes, Mush makes things a little easier, by essentially working like a dating app for moms. By inputting detailed information about your parenting style, hobbies, life outside of motherhood (remember that?), your location, and the ages of the kids you have, the app is able to present you with a list of possible mom friends that are, not only local (it will actually tell you how many miles away because everyone knows those long-distance Valley to Westside friendships are tricky to maintain), with similar aged kids but also share your mom world view. You can then say hello to moms that seem like a good match, send a message and organize a meet-up all through the app.

photo: Mush

App Extras
Besides acting like for moms, the Mush app also offers a localized chat board called the Hub that let’s you reach out for advice from other moms on everything from the best diaper bags, to local hotspots to check out with kids. It also features Mush Guides, which are short articles or guides on mom hacks and survival tips.

Getting Started
The Mush app is free to download and currently available both for iOS and Android. After you download the app, you’ll be prompted to create a short profile with a picture, add the ages of your kids, and choose several tags that best describe you and your parenting style, like “sleep deprived,” “coffee addict,” “Facebook fiend,” “rock chick,” and “outdoor adventurer.” Then you’re ready to browse for mom matches and set up a mom date/playdate.

Get ready to get out of the house!


What are some ways you’ve used to make new mom friends? Share what’s worked for you in the comments.

Shahrzad Warkentin