What Every New LA Mom Needs to Know

New mom? No problem. If you’re scratching you’re head wondering how in the world you’re going to navigate this city with a newborn, we’ve got you covered. From grocery deliveries and postnatal massages to family-friendly nights out and mommy and me yoga classes, we have a full list of everything you’ll need to make the most out of your first year at home with baby—and beyond.

photo: Antonia K. via Yelp

Need To Namaste? Never have you needed a little more zen in your life. Take a mommy and me class with your baby at one of our favorite family yoga spots. No prior yoga experience is necessary and everyone is welcomed at all of these classes.

Need a Sitter? A time comes in every parent’s life when they just need to get out of the house. Leave the kids behind with a reliable, certified sitter courtesy of Sitter City. Whether you’re looking for a full-time nanny or someone who can help out a few times a month, head to their site and find the help you need.

Got Tired Muscles? If your new mama muscles are aching for a good massage, every mama needs to check out Spa Le La. You can go alone (YASSSS!) for some much needed R&R, or you can bring the baby with on special “Mommy and Me” days (still YASSSS!) where the baby is with you in the massage room. Don’t worry, on those special days, all the other new moms will have their babies in tow too, so no one will mind the crying. They also have a nap room and a soaking tub, which is as close to heaven as you’ll get here on earth.

4338 Tujunga Ave.
Studio City
(747) 227-4338
Online: spalela.com

photo: Baby Boot Camp

Want To Workout With a New Baby? Figuring out how to fit in exercise when you’re juggling kids at home is tougher than taxes. So strap ‘em in the stroller, use them as weights or stretch alongside each other—you’ve got a new workout buddy! Here are some of our favorite places in town to work out with the wee ones.

Happy Hour Anyone? Dreaming of a place where cradling a baby in one arm and a cold brewski in the other is not frowned upon but (kind of) encouraged? Believe it or not, there are plenty of beer spots in Los Angeles that are not just only kid-friendly, but go above and beyond to cater to families large and small. These six spots are the best places where sippy cups and pints go hand in hand.

photo: Joe Chang via flickr

Craving Sushi? It’s been hella long nine long months since your last spicy tuna roll. Take a drive to one of the most kid-friendly sushi restaurants in the city and get ready for the whole family to say “Kampai!”

Car Seat Troubles? Hey, blowouts happen—a lot. No need to fear because the good people at The Tot Squad will make everything like new again. Eco-friendly, these guys will come to you and fix anything from a junk covered stroller to a sticky highchair. Book online.

Need a Baby Agent? Don’t feel weird. Everyone else has one in this city. The Paloma Agency is family run and operated and parents love the sense of community that comes from working with them. Just send in a few snapshots and see where it takes you. Your little one could be the next big thing. (Or at least start saving up for college.)

1600 Rosecrans Ave.
Manhattan Beach
(323) 800-7500
Online: palomamodelandtalent.com

photo: Bellacures via Yelp

Need an Eco-friendly Manicure or Pedicure? Sit back in comfy spa chairs for a well-deserved mani-pedi at Bellacures. Choose from a variety of nail polishes that are non-toxic and vegan so you can feel zero guilt if your kids use you as a teething toy. Make sure to book online to guarantee your spot (it’s that popular for good reason).

Need Essentials In a Pinch? It’s 10 p.m. and you’re too tired to even think about making a run to the drug store. Check out Yummy.com for household essentials like diapers, Tylenol, toilet paper and ice cream…and don’t forget the ice cream.

Need a (Kid-Friendly) Night Out? LACMA Friday Night Jazz is a godsend for parents with babies all summer long. Plus, you’ll feel really hip for being out on a Fri. night way past your (pathetically early) bedtime. Plus, you can grab a glass of wine (or coffee) and listen to some stellar jazz while your baby sleeps soundly in his stroller (hopefully).

5905 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles
(323) 857-6000
Online: lacma.org

Need To Catch a Movie? Bring a bottle for the baby and grab a drink for yourself. Then settle in to watch a new movie on the big screen during Mon. Morning Mommy Movies at most Pacific Theatre locations. They dim the lights instead of turning them all the way off so you can find that missing paci during the movie. Changing stations are set up in the movie theater so you don’t miss a minute of the show.

photo: The Pump Station via Yelp

Newborn Feeding Confusion? The Pump Station is a wealth of information for moms that are new to the breastfeeding game. From lactation consultations to courses on how to use your breast pump effectively, the Pump Station’s got your back. They also offer postpartum doula services. Check them out online or drop by their locations in Santa Monica, Hollywood and Westlake Village.

Need a Do-over? Once the baby comes you can kiss those long afternoons spent lazily in the salon chair goodbye. A trip to Dry Bar will give you that quick wash and blow out that will last a few days, so you can at least look like you have it all together.

photo: Farm Fresh to You via Yelp

Need Fresh Fruit and Veggies? We so get it. It’s hard to get to the store with the baby often enough to maintain a fridge full of fresh veggies and fruits. Instead of stressing, have them delivered to your doorstep weekly though Farm Fresh to You. They work with local farms to bring you the very best all with the options to customize to your (and your kid’s) preferences.

Need a Post Baby Bra? Let the heaven-sent ladies at Soma give you a much-needed bra fitting. Chances are that your size has changed, especially since post-baby. It’s amazing how fast a little lift can lift your mood.

Feeling Out of Whack? Birthing babies can leave our bodies bent out of shape. Get a much-needed realignment at the Berlin Wellness Group with chiropractic, massage, and homeopathic therapies. The best part? If you’re desperate, they can usually fit you in the same day.

6221 Wilshire Blvd.
(323) 549-0070
Online: doctorberlin.com

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—Christina Fiedler


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