You may think you’ve exhausted every online learning resource by now, then in sails the mighty Ark—Noah’s Ark at the Skirball: The Art of Imagination virtual experience, that is! Known for its incredible design, Noah’s Ark at the Skirball is a much-beloved cultural landmark in Los Angeles with a one-of-a-kind storyline.

The Skirball is a cultural center rooted in Jewish tradition and American democratic ideals. They’ve found great success with kids and adults alike through vivid storytelling and participatory experiences. The Skirball’s student-centered cultural programs foster empathy, encourage collaboration and focus on community values. You can now experience the wonder at home, with The Art of Imagination digital content for you to share with your kid, ages Pre-K through fifth grade. Read on to learn more!


Social-Emotional Learning at Its Best

Bring the artistry and community-minded messages of Noah’s Ark into your home! Inspired by culturally diverse flood stories, the suite of new digital content focuses on the ways that each of us, including the youngest members of the community, can make a difference. It's all about helping others and self-expression; keys to self-esteem and a better world for all!

Exploring the Series

In the Noah's Ark video series, kids will be taken on a storytelling adventure! They’ll explore cultural flood tales, experience mindful moments and learn to practice compassion and creative expression. These videos aren't meant to just be part of a school lesson, they stand on their own as ideal edu-tainment for any kiddo! If you are looking for a deeper dive on a particular subject, just download one of their free lesson plans. Topics include being a good citizen, caring for the earth, learning about animals on the Ark, creating love and gratitude within your community and more.

Why We Love It for Families

While these resources include lesson plans designed for educators, they are an excellent resource for parents and caregivers to share the joy of storytelling and mindfulness with young learners. Like their original Noah’s Ark at the Skirball exhibition, the content is engaging, unique and fun! The Noah's Ark videos are each around seven minutes long, which is ideal for younger kids. These free videos are hosted by the creative voices of Skirball, who are well-skilled in keeping kids interested, entertained and curious—even through the screen.

It's Free & Available Now!

View the videos on YouTube for free here.

You can read more about The Art of Imagination here. 


—Jamie Aderski