It’s Summer Olympics season, and you know what that means: 24/7 coverage of our favorite sports, from swimming to volleyball to table tennis. It also means you’re likely parked in front of the television as your kids practice their gymnastics moves and you lament how little you have in common with these amazing athletes (errr…maybe that’s just us!). As you watch Lochte battle Phelps, the US go head to head with China, and other nail-bitingly close matches, all you need is an arsenal of tasty snacks so you won’t need to peel your eyes away from the television. Here are some of our ideas for snacks to serve at your next Olympics viewing party. 

Olympic Medal Cookies
Who needs real gold medals when you can have cookies? These are sure to be the hit of your Olympics viewing party. Whoever guesses the winner gets the gold!



Union Jack Cupcakes
With so many athletes coming from all over the world to compete in the Olympics, your kids are bound to have a few geography questions. These adorable Union Jack cupcakes will continue their education, not to mention look impressive on the table! They’re surprisingly simple too–all you need is a template (printable at the link above) and a steady hand.



Fruit and Cheese Kabobs
After all those sweets, chances are you’ll need to nosh on something refreshing (and easy to prepare!). You and the kids will love munching on these kabobs and dipping the fruit into a tasty honey yogurt sauce.



Trail Mix
Cheering on our favorite athletes sure is tiring! We like to have an energy-replenishing snack on hand as we watch them battle. Trail mix is a healthy option, and it zaps hunger in no time for the little ones who seem to always want a snack.



Summer Zucchini Bites
When you’re engaging in some hardcore TV-watching, you need bite size snacks that make the trip from hand to mouth with minimal effort. That’s where these beauties come in. You don’t need to be afraid to indulge, either–they’re stuffed with healthy zucchini, making them an optimal guilt-free snack as you watch those lightning-fast runners and swimmers.



Snickers Popcorn
We all know popcorn is the perfect TV snack, but let’s face it: plain old buttered popcorn gets boring sometimes. Go for the gold with this indulgent mix of popcorn, Snickers bars, caramel, and peanuts. It takes caramel corn to the next level!



Chex Mix with Rosemary and Garlic
Here’s a modern twist on an old favorite that the whole family is sure to love. Sesame seeds, brown sugar, and butter combine expertly with Chex cereal, almonds, and bagel chips to create a fresh and satisfying mix.



Pizza Bagel Bites
Everyone loves those frozen pizza bagels, but we know they’re not the healthiest or most cost-efficient option out there. We’ve got a solution for the pizza lovers in your family. These perfectly sized bagel bites taste even better than their frozen counterparts, and they’re easy on the wallet, too.


Whether you’re rooting on the USA with your kiddos or at a big Olympics party, what snacks will you be noshing on? 


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— Susie Foresman