Love ’em or hate ’em (and most of us fall firmly on one side of the fence), the fact is, Crocs make moms lives easier because kids love to wear them, they’re easy to put on, virtually indestructible, and work in most terrain and weather conditions.

And you’ve gotta give credit to the marketing folks at Crocs for always adding a new gimmick to the mix (light up and plush jibbitz, anyone?). Their latest trick, sure to be a hit at playgrounds, lakes and beaches this summer, is the Crocs Chameleon,  which uses breakthrough patent pending technology to change colors in the sun.

The Chameleon comes in a traditional clog and a cute strappy sandal, and yes, both versions include the holes near the toes so the kiddos can bedazzle the heck out of ’em. Hey, at least it’s not saggy jeans and body piercings. Yet.

Limited Edition Chameleon (when they’re gone, they’re gone), $39.99



— Tori Thiessen