Let’s face it, even with all our crossfit/yoga/pilates-inspired bods, we’re too old (and too smart) to be bent over a sled for any length of time, no matter how much the kiddos beg and plead. Thank goodness the folks at Mountain Boy Sleds get it and have created this gorgeous, heirloom-worthy sled that happens to be ergonomically designed for a great workout without the backache.

Think of it as a cross between a razor scooter and cross-country skis, with a built-in seat to keep the kiddies happy and warm. The steel runners help the sled glide quickly on groomed trails and in fresh snow.

At Mountain Boy Sleds, you can customize your ride for ergonomic perfection and even engrave your kids name on the sled. But for the best off-the-shelf deal, you can’t beat Amazon’s price.

From $240 – $400