Be mine!  Romance is lovely (it’s how we got these kids in the first place).  Puppy love and friendship Valentines at school are loads of fun.  But there’s just something extra special about a mom & her little girl spending quality time.  Or a Daddy-Daughter Date.  Little boys can always use some special mommy time, and a boys only outing is pretty precious for everyone involved.  Here are super spots for some alone time with your littlest Valentine.  (Most of these spots make great family outings, too.)

Dinner and A Movie

It’s the classic date night: dinner and a movie. For a movie, we suggest Lady and the Tramp, playing at the El Capitan. It’s perfect for little movie goers, as there is no big scary bad guy, and it’s all about love. Then for dinner, reenact the spaghetti scene at our all time favorite spaghetti spot for kids – the one where the waiters all sing!

What do you have up your sleeve for your little Valentine this year?  Let us know in the comment section.

Photo credits: Piggie Paints via facebook, Disney, Meghan Rose, Bel Air Hotel via facebook, American Girl via facebook, @LIQUIDBONEZ via Creative Commons, Tim Griffin via Creative Commons and Jennifer Wolfe