You’re always on the lookout for the perfect bag. One isn’t roomy enough, the next is too heavy. The third is beautiful, but leather and impractical for carrying carry leaky bottles and snacks. And your go-to bag is functional but far from cute. Enter Pattern LA, a new local company that makes stylish, affordable, useful, practical (in other words perfect) bags for Moms. And just in time for summer, they also happen to have our favorite beach bag.

Meet Tiffany Lerman. Like many of us, she was a little girl who loved bags. Coveted them. Collected them. And when, as so many of these stories begin, she had a baby, she realized what the world was missing (this was back in the day before the designer diaper bag revolution) – a cute and functional diaper bag. Fast-forward a decade and one very successful career later, and things have come full circle. Tiffany still loves bags. And still couldn’t find the perfect one to take with her teen boys to the beach. Or the park. Or on the plane. And her friends and relatives were toting incredibly expensive and heavy diaper bags.

So PatternLA was born. In her words, “After all these years, I still can’t find what I’m looking for. I wanted practical and cute – bright fun, colorful print, something you haven’t seen before – and they’re also a good shape and functional. I just want to make everyone pretty and happy.” We think she’s done just that.


Only A Mom
Could know exactly what other moms need. So all her bags are not too pricey, and have loads and loads of useful pockets. Her patterns are fresh (she designs them all herself, so you won’t see them anywhere else) and the colors are bright. Her diaper bag weighs under a pound, and that’s including all the goodies it comes with (the changing pad, drawstring pouch, insulated bottle holder and cosmetics bag). Really, it’s all genius.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 2.16.38 PM
Beachy Keen
Because it’s summer, the bag we’re currently obsessed with is the TT Tote Bag, which is the perfect beach bag. It’s water resistant, so damp towels and suits are right at home. It’s roomy enough to fit everything, yet easy to carry. “I see people carrying multiple bags to the beach and I can’t stand that. I bring everything and it fits toys and towels and creams and change of clothes and first aid kit… everything!” Once she said that, we had to try. And she’s right – everything you need, including lunch and your latest beach read, fit neatly inside this one bag.

The Last Diaper Bag You’ll Ever Buy
We also want to give a shout out to her brilliant Transitional Bag. Perfect for babies, toddlers and beyond–it fits baby bottles & changing pads OR ipads & sports bottles. Waterproofed, organizational pockets, roomy yet not bulky: the Transitional Diaper Bag takes all that into account, but is also so streamlined and chic that you can take it to work and organize your own tablet, lunch, cosmetics bag, etc.

The “P” Word
Both of our favorite bags – the TT Tote and the Transitional Bag manage the dreaded “p” word (practical) in the best possible way (by also being polished and posh). They work on picnics, summer days at the pool, out on the boat, outdoor movies, hotel vacations and you can even use them as your grocery tote/farmers market bag. So we’ll cop to being practical, since it comes with a side of cute and fashionable.

While we’re guessing you don’t need another incentive to check out the PatternLA line, we’re going to give you one. Since Tiffany is a mom (and Red Tricycle reader) like you, she’s offering all our readers a 30% discount on her bags this summer. Just enter the code REDTRI30 at checkout.

You should also sign up for the PatternLA newsletter for special discounts and be sure to follow them on facebook, Twitter & Instagram, where they often do impromptu giveaways.

PatternLA bags are currently only available online: