As the sizzle of summer has cooled into fall and the quickly approaching holidays start making their way into our hearts (and schedules), nothing quite hits the festive spot more than a slice of mouthwatering pie. You and your pint-sized pastry lovers can relax with your plate pie-led high or pick up a holiday sweet when you don’t have time to bake. Check out our picks for the most delicious Los Angeles pie shops that truly understand how to put the “comfort” in “comfort food.”

Four ‘N 20

This mom and pop diner has been dishing up pies in the Valley since 1969, which is why the dining room feels a little like your grandmother’s kitchen and the pie is about as close as it gets to homemade. Four ‘N 20 is an incredibly family friendly spot to school your little cutie pies in the classics (fresh blueberry pie anyone?) and is always a great place to pick up a to-go pie for those not-so-far-off holiday festivities.

Easy As Pie: While you can never go wrong with the timeless Apple or Pumpkin options, mouths will definitely be watering over the Chocolate Cream and Banana Fudge pies too. Pop in before the winter holidays to taste their rotating seasonal offerings such as Pumpkin Cheesecake pie or Sweet Potato Pecan. Looking to dial back the sweetness a bit? Well they’ve got that base covered too with their “No Sugar Added” Apple Pie ideal for those needing to keep their sugar intake to a minimum. Nothing here comes in small portions, so be prepared to share!

Locations in Sherman Oaks and Valley Village

photo: Travis C. via Yelp

What’s your family’s favorite place to grab a slice of pie? Share any we missed in the comments!

—Jenifer Scott