As the sizzle of summer has cooled into fall and the quickly approaching holidays start making their way into our hearts (and schedules), nothing quite hits the festive spot more than a slice of mouthwatering pie. You and your pint-sized pastry lovers can relax with your plate pie-led high or pick up a holiday sweet when you don’t have time to bake. Check out our picks for the most delicious Los Angeles pie shops that truly understand how to put the “comfort” in “comfort food.”

Apple Pan

If it doesn’t get more American than apple pie, then it doesn’t get more quintessential LA than a visit to the Apple Pan. With it’s old-timey appeal, small dining counter and tall vinyl seats, you and your little pie lovers will feel like you’ve time traveled 40 years into the past. This authentically retro establishment has been around since 1947 and has been cooking up tasty traditional pies just as long (making this joint one of LA’s oldest continuing operating restaurants).

Easy As Pie: With a name like the Apple Pan, it kinda goes without saying that you must order the Apple Pie (though people also go bananas for their Banana Cream pies as they make one of the best in the city!). If you’re looking for a more seasonal classic, try their Pecan, Pumpkin or Chocolate cream pies (but be ready to share as they definitely don’t hold back on slice size).

10801 W. Pico Blvd.
West LA

photo: Apple Pan via Facebook

What’s your family’s favorite place to grab a slice of pie? Share any we missed in the comments!

—Jenifer Scott