We’re sure that your kiddos are familiar with couscous of the Whole Foods variety. But, isn’t it time to take it up a notch and introduce them to the real McCoy? We’re talking Moroccan. That’s right, authentic Moroccan. You know, the kind that is infused with spices that will appeal to any kid’s senses like cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, saffron, ginger and sesame, with ingredients that kids love like oranges, almonds and raisins. Honestly, we can’t think of kid friendlier fare. Plus, what kid wouldn’t be up for eating with their hands on plushy cushions at low comfy tables! So, step out of your Whole Foods comfort zone and step into something a bit more exotic!

For those who brave to shake it, shake, shake it:


As you enter Marrakesh, you’ll find that you’ve entered a Moroccan paradise. Low benches and stools form a maze throughout several small rooms. Dark fabrics cover the walls, which make for an authentic vibe, while providing a sound barrier (so your kids can be as loud as they like). There’s only a drink menu, which parents might appreciate if they’re interested in sampling Moroccan beer or wine. The waiter will fill you in on the menu offerings and even make recommendations, which is helpful when you are dealing with pint size picky palettes. After you’ve placed your order, your waiter will put on the best hand washing ritual that you’ve ever seen and pour rose water over you and your kiddos’ hands. Now, you’re ready to eat! The food is served family style and everyone can dig in with his or her hands (read: fork optional!). And, for the evening’s entertainment – belly dancers! Get ready to dance just in case the belly dancers start swaying their hips in your direction.

13003 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, Ca 91604
Online: www.marrakeshdining.com

Moun of Tunis
If there is one word to describe Moun of Tunis, it’s lavish. With its circular doorways, gold inlaid desert scenes lining its walls and camel cutouts separating its booths, this exotic extravaganza is a feast on the eyes. Mouns of Tunis offers Tunisian and Moroccan inspired fare and keeps their menu simple. You can choose one from six prix-fixe feasts all served family style. There’s enough variety to meet both parents and kids’ taste from chicken to lamb to veggies and the portions are huge. Be certain to try the B’Stilla, a confection of flaky puff pastry filled with ground chicken and almonds topped with powdered sugar. But, be forewarned that it is so good that you just might want your very own. Your kids will definitely enjoy a feast fit for Moroccan royalty and can even hold their pinky fingers out while sipping away at sweet mint tea. And, the best part? Kiddos can channel their inner belly dancer and join in on the entertainment.

Moun of Tunis
7445 ½ West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90046
Online: www.mounoftunis.la

For those who like their Moroccan on-the-go:

Chameau Delibar

Chameau Delibar takes the B’Stilla (or cake) when it comes to transforming itself. From its humble beginnings as tiny Chameau in Silverlake open three days a week and on weekends to its move to Fairfax Avenue and transformation into a high end Moroccan restaurant offering Neuvo Moroccan and fine wines, Charmeau has transformed itself yet again into Chameau Delibar. So, grab your kiddos and head over to the Fairfax district for Moroccan fare deli style that puts the Morocco in Moroccan. At Chameau Delibar, you can customize your own sandwiches and choose from a variety of salads and side dishes and either dine in this colorful, swanky deli, or grab your goods to go. Plus, you can indulge in Chameau Delibar’s famous marinated olives, eggplant dip, harissa sauce and couscous (a step up from Whole Foods, wouldn’t you say?). Kids will have a great time picking out their own food from the large deli cases. And, parents can indulge in spiced sangria, so there really is something for everyone!

Chameau Delibar
339 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA  90036
Online: www.chameaurestaurant.com

For those who like a healthy dose of fusion:

Cayenne Café

With its hip, swanky locale and incredible food (dishes feature organic ingredients seasoned with mint, parsley, garlic and cumin), this family owned restaurant is definitely family friendly. Inspired by her mom’s world travels, the chef prepares delectable dishes from simple to exotic that will satisfy both parents and kiddos. Though Cayenne Café has a Middle Eastern bend, it serves up Moroccan entrees and specials with a twist. Any by offering a little bit of this and a little bit of that – from wraps, to pizzas and salads – you’ll surely find something that you like. Nab a spot in their gold and burgundy banquettes. Or, sit outdoors on the patio. Make sure to try the baklava. You can even pair it with delicious mint tea or Turkish coffee (for parents). You can thanks us later.

Cayenne Café
7169 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Online: www.cayennecafe.com

Do you think your little guy or gal would be up for sampling this tasty fare? Where do you go for your fix of Moroccan food?

— Wanda Ahmadi