LA kids are lucky to have year-round sunshine, making every day a perfect park day. But sometimes too much of a good thing means you’ll leave the park with a mini-lobster if you’re not hyper vigilant with the sunscreen. Read on to discover 9 awesome shady playgrounds from the Valley to the Beach that make playtime on a hot, sunny day, super cool—literally.

York Park

This enchanting little pocket park is brimming with so many unique ways to play and explore, from a slithering snake slide, to musical instruments, and even a free library. The playground also received a new addition recently in the form of a giant canopy that keeps all the whimsical fun out of the sun.

4956 York Blvd‬.
Highland Park

photo: May C. via Yelp


What’s your favorite place to play in the shade? Share any shady playgrounds we missed!

—Shahrzad Warkentin