LA kids are lucky to have year-round sunshine, making every day a perfect park day. But sometimes too much of a good thing means you’ll leave the park with a mini-lobster if you’re not hyper vigilant with the sunscreen. Read on to discover 9 awesome shady playgrounds from the Valley to the Beach that make playtime on a hot, sunny day, super cool—literally.

Anthony C. Bielsen Park (Balboa Park)

This massive playground features two separate structures, one for bigger kids and one for small, both of which are covered by several large canopies. While the sunshine does still sneak it's way into a few spots, as well as the uncovered swings, there's definitely plenty of shade to give some respite from the valley heat. The park itself has several trees in the surrounding grass to keep you cool for a snack break, and even the bike rentals offer two and four-person surrey bikes that feature a canopy top so you can at least avoid the sun while you enjoy a sweaty workout pumping your tots around the 5-mile loop that surrounds the lake.

6300 Balboa Blvd.
Van Nuys

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin


What’s your favorite place to play in the shade? Share any shady playgrounds we missed!

—Shahrzad Warkentin