Nothing helps kids sink their teeth into history quite like sinking their teeth into tasty food that teaches them history. Celebrate your day off with a patriotic feast of presidential treats. From jellybeans and burgers, to huevos rancheros and peanut butter, our Presidents have always loved good eats. Eat your way through some classic and crazy POTUS favorites that appeal to kids and you can find right here in Los Angeles.

geminayna itsugar yelpphoto: Geminayna via yelp

Ronald Regan: Jelly Beans
President Regan kept a jar of jellybeans on his desk in the oval office and another on board Air Force One. Make like President Regan and stock up on these multicolored sweet treats. So where’s your best bet for scoring every flavor of jellybean under the sun? Head on down to It’Sugar at Universal City Walk. You’ll find crazy flavors like Tabasco and Bacon next to classics like Strawberry and Tutti Fruity. Try a jar of red (cherry), white (coconut), and blue (blueberry or cotton candy) jellies to show your patriotic pride.

Universal City Walk
1000 Universal Center Dr.
Universal City

britespotpiephoto courtesy of Brite Spot Diner

George Washington: Cherries
We’ll never know if Washington really cut down that cherry tree, but it won’t stop us from eating all things cherry in his namesake this President’s Day. Check out the Brite Spot Diner—a family owned diner with a retro vibe in the heart of bustling Echo Park. Kids will love the bright display case filled with over sized pies, cookies and cakes. Order up a huge slice of cherry pie and teach the kids what a la mode means. If you want to be good and order up lunch before the pie, go ahead. This place cooks with all organic ingredients with fresh produce from local farms. Bonus for parents—Intelligentsia coffee served in extra big mugs.

Bright Spot Diner
1918 Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park

nutsmachinemageesphoto courtesy of the Farmer’s Market

Jimmy Carter: Peanut Butter
Nothing is more wholesome, or American, than a good ol’ PB&J. Just ask President Jimmy Carter. His love for peanut butter was legendary. If you want a jar of the best and freshest, just head on down to the Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax and visit Magee’s House of Nuts, one of the oldest stands in the market. Kids will love watching the peanut butter making process from roasting and toasting to grinding and churning. Go ahead and ask for a taste. They aim to please even the tiniest taste buds.

Magee’s House of Nuts
Los Angeles Farmer’s Market
6333 West Third St.

counter burgerphoto: Meghan Rose

Bill Clinton: Burgers
Bill Clinton loved fast food, in particular cheeseburgers. Most kids will agree that it’s pretty much the most perfect food next to pizza. Satisfy your family’s burger cravings by letting the kids pick and choose their favorite toppings with a trip to The Counter. With hundreds of different flavor combos there’s something for everyone on the menu.

Prez tid bit: Clinton became a vegan in 2011, so if you want a veggie burger to be like Bill, they’ve got that, too.

The Counter
Multiple locations across Los Angeles (including the original in Santa Monica and the kids choice spot in Miracle Mile next to the Tar Pits).  Check the website for locations and hours.

cliftonsredtriphoto: Shahrzad Warkentin

Richard Nixon: Cottage Cheese and Ketchup?
A rumored favorite of Nixon’s was cottage cheese and ketchup. Okay, stay with us here. You’re certainly not going to order this dish up at any restaurant, but it’s a testament to our country’s belief in freedom (even to make gross choices). And what gives you more a choice than a buffet? Let your kids’ imaginations be their guide at the newly remodeled and reopened Clifton’s Cafeteria. Full of nostalgia and crazy nature décor (yep, animatronic animals and more), there’s tons of food options. Just grab and tray and let the kids go crazy.  Who knows?  Since they put ketchup on everything, they may actually even like it on cottage cheese.

Timing tip: Since this place is still pretty new (read our tips from when it first opened!), it gets crowded. Try going at non-peak hours so you can get your food and a seat pronto.

Clifton’s Cafeteria
648 S. Broadway


lagolodrinacafephoto courtesy of La Golondrina

George W. Bush: Huevos Rancheros
True to his Texas roots, President Bush loved Tex Mex food and Huevos Rancheros. Being Angelenos, we have tons of choices when it comes to this popular Mexican inspired dish. La Golondrina, one of Olvera Streets oldest (and most popular) restaurants, serves up Huevos Rancheros all day long and the plates are big enough to share. Sit back, relax, and enjoy classic tunes from wandering mariachi bands. Because nothing is more patriotic than enjoying the different cultures that make up this great nation.

La Golondrina
17 Olvera St.

—Christina Fiedler

main image by TenthMusePhotography via flickr

Can you think of any other favorite presidential eats and where to get them in Los Angeles? Tell us in the comments below!