LA is a hub of entertainment for little guys: we have children’s theater, musicals, movies and even puppets.  At the top of the puppet pile is LA cult favorites: Puppet Town. Puppet Town is sketch comedy meets puppets, which equates to plenty of genuine belly laughs from kids and adults alike. The shows have been hiatus for a few months, but they’re back, they’re better than ever, and the July 23 show is a perfect time to discover the madness.

puppettown_upclosephoto: Puppet Town

Comedy Club for the Kids
Puppet Town was created by writers and performers Alex Fox and Rachel Lewis, who also happened to have written for the PBS Show “Odd Squad!” Don’t walk into Puppet Town expecting a traditional puppet experience. The show is complete with performers of both the puppet and human variety. Little people will find themselves entranced with the big personalities that exude from their fuzzy new friends, the people who bring them to life and those who perform right alongside them. Puppet Town is complete with sketch comedy, music and movement to keep everyone along for the ride.

puppettown_castphoto: Carolyn Blair via Puppet Town

The staple puppets are an furry orange guy called Fuzz Face, the brown and cuddly looking Sheldon, the wealthy diva Cherry, and the serious actor Vincent.  As any good sketch comedy show would do, the puppets and rotating human characters find themselves in the midst of funny and sometimes downright silly scenarios; just imagine two valley girls (one of them who happens to be wearing a long blonde wig and full mustache) working in an ice cream shop while trying to fulfill their dreams of singing at Downtown Disney by offering up free entertainment to unknowing customers. After the show, be sure to hang around and let your comics in training dance along to the closing song and frolic in a little confetti.

puppettown_comicsphoto: LeTania Kirkland

Location, Location, Location
If the show itself wasn’t enough (but it will be) Puppet Town also happens to perform at the Nerdmelt Theater at Meltdown Comics in West Hollywood. Be prepared to spend some time before or after the show perusing comics, video and board games and a world of collectible figurines. Really, be prepared to peel the kids off of the shelves. But before you do, be sure to hang out post-show to meet the puppets who will be hanging out in the store to meet their adoring fans.

puppettown_meetingphoto: LeTania Kirkland

Tix: How and When to Get ‘Em

Puppet Town is $10 for adults  We recommend buying in advance as the Nerdmelt Theater fills up quickly and Puppet Town seats are in demand. Seats are available but, in true puppet show fashion, littles can sit down on the floor front and center to get as close to the action as possible.

Puppet Town typically plays monthly, or every few months.  After a short hiatus, they’re back for a July 23 show at 3 p.m., and then keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when they’re playing next.  If you can’t make this show, you’ll want to get to the next one.  And if you do get to this show, you’ll REALLY want to make it to the next one!

puppettown_closingphoto: LeTania Kirkland

Puppet Town at the Nerdmelt Theater
7522 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood

What’s your favorite live puppet show?  Let us know in the comment section!

—LeTania Kirkland