You’ve imagined the perfect nursery, complete with an Oeuf crib, Netto dresser and Bloom Coco rocker resting in the corner. The room is chic, gorgeous, yet functional. It’ll be your haven, your nest for your little one…until a price check turns into a reality check for your wallet. Don’t ditch designer dreams, head to the new ReCrib in Highland Park where you can score gently used beautiful baby gear for less.


photo credit: ReCrib via Instagram

Not So Humble Origins
New parents know that brand new baby gear doesn’t come cheap. Especially if you want upscale stuff. In the “must have the best for my new baby” haze that hits around the third trimester, many succumb and splurge on top notch everything. But after a few years, you no longer need all those well-made things. That’s what happened to parents and founders Michelle & Daniel Lehmann.  They were moving apartments in New York and finally decided to get rid of their kids’ furniture and gear they had outgrown. When they went down to the storage basement in their building, they saw it was filled with other families’ cribs, strollers and toys that they were no longer using. They realized there was a need for a site that was targeted to families so they could buy and sell the best brands of gently used kids’ gear. A site like that didn’t exist, so ReCrib was born. Problem solved, online at least.


photo credit: Michelle Lehmann (pictured with her husband and kids)

Fast forward a few years, the site is a huge hit, and Michelle and Daniel moved again—this time to LA.  They decided it was time to test an actual store you could visit, and tried a pop-up to test the concept in February of this year.  Smart shopping LA parents flocked to the concept and now it’s here to stay in Highland Park. It’s paradise for any parent wanting to treat themselves to quality goods for their kiddos without zeroing out their bank accounts. It’s also ideal for anyone with extra gear that they need to sell. Win/win!


photo credit: ReCrib via facebook

Only In LA
As luck would have it, Daniel’s childhood friend was opening The Hunt, and they had some space in the giant mid-century furniture warehouse. So ReCrib and The Hunt combined, blending the most fantastic vintage finds with the most fabulous high-end baby bargains. A match made in heaven, because while you’re designing baby’s dream room, you can update the rest of the house with that amazing McCobb desk or Saaranin table.  Or, if you’re getting rid of baby gear, you can swap it for some cooler vintage finds that will grow with your growing tot.


photo credit: Michelle Lehmann

Going Chic Means Being Green
ReCrib fits beautifully with the mindset of LA parents, who care about sustainability as well as design. Even if you’re not familiar with coveted designer brands, you can count on finding a blend of beautiful design and functionality at ReCrib. Plus, they also have top brands that are super utilitarian like a Maclaran stroller or Peg Perego high chair, since practicality is just as important as design.

recrib gear

photo credit: ReCrib

Ready To Get Rid of That Expensive Bouncer?
It’s easy to do some Spring Cleaning and de-clutter your home. (And reclaim a little of the cash you spent in the baby days.) ReCrib will pick up right from your home. The process is simple: e-mail or call  the store. You can arrange for them to send a delivery service to collect your gently used items, or you can drop them off to the store yourself. Your things will not only be available for purchase at the store, but ReCrib will also list them on their website. Once your item is sold, you’ll score 30% of the profits.

You can find ReCrib in Highland Park, right near one of our favorite new parks, and all time top donut shops!  (We’re planning your whole morning outing for you…)  The hours are noon- 6 p.m., 7 days a week.

ReCrib at The Hunt
5317 York Blvd.
Highland Park
Phone: 310-383-8960

Let us know when you check out ReCrib for some baby bargains. What gorgeous goods did you grab?

-Elena Wurlitzer