We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of CityMommy, a local forum-based community site that operates in dozens of U.S. cities. The acquisition gives Red Tricycle a significant user boost in existing markets (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego) as well as lays the groundwork for future Red Tricycle expansion.

“CityMommy has been a a long-time ally and friend to Red Tricycle, so we’re thrilled to welcome CityMommy enthusiasts into the Red Tricycle family,” said Red Tricycle CEO Jacqui Boland. “Red Tricycle’s strong editorial voice, original content and loyal readership, coupled with CityMommy’s engaged and vocal forum users, will deliver a powerful, practical, and truly unique local online parenting experience.”

Users will be able to find local parenting topics on the Red Tricycle site from cooking to camping to concerts, and hear not only editor’s recommendations, but also local mom tips and opinions. Over the next several weeks, Red Tricycle will begin incorporating elements of the CityMommy site into the Red Tricycle site, inviting CityMommy users to participate in Red Tricycle forums.