The team here at Red Tricycle is putting our money where our mouth is.  We’re getting in on Blue Shield of California’s We Shield Moms program in an effort to inspire our readers that we too, are up for the challenge on achieving healthy, balanced and active lives.

For the next 8 weeks, Keely Grand of Be Grand Fitness (and part of our “Moms Who Make a Difference” program) will be whipping our staff into shape, despite the holiday temptations that lurk behind every trick or treat bag and supermarket aisle.

Week 1:  The Assessment

With varying degrees of fitness within our group, we started off with a written assessment of our current physical fitness, followed by Keely taking down our measurements (height, weight, inches, gulp) so that we can keep track of our progress.

The Red Tricycle Team (Rebecca, Scott, Rebecca and Tina) with Keely’s son 11-month old Miles, gets ready to get moving for our morning workout.

We then hit the studio to get started on a basic physical assessment of strength, coordination and agility. Moves included several minutes of cardio – jumping jacks and high knees; toning – plank positions, push-ups and bridges; and coordination – squat kicks and shoulder presses with resistance bands.

While the team was successful in strength by holding plank and lifting medicine balls, a few missteps during squat kicks (ummm… two people kicked each other!) told us we could work on our coordination.

Week 1 Wellness Challenge:
Our assignment – to walk, hike, jog or run twice this week for a minimum of 30 minutes.