The calendar is looking clear today, with no parties or playdates in sight. (Lucky you!) What to do?  Indulge in an afternoon matinee and a little dinner, for a mini date with your favorite little people.  With kids, lines are the enemy, so the Hollywood Arclight’s reserved seating makes it a super spot to catch the latest animated flick, and when their bitty bellies have been abused by an afternoon of popcorn and Sour Patch Kids, you need something homemade and healthy that’s also casual, fast and tasty.  And that’s where Roadside Eats comes in.
Roadside Eats

Stop by the Sign with the Skidmarks
Hollywood would hardly be mistaken for the South, yet here’s some good old Southern style cooking. Pucker up for the pickled veggies – anyone from the South will tell you it’s the only veggie worth eating.  But wait, they have fresh greens too.   OK, maybe we can all find something here.

counter_roadside eats

Good Grub Just Around the Bend
The big one wants a sammy, the little one only likes things that can be dipped.  Well, problem solved: the sandwich can be a salad, too, with a zingy vinaigrette for mom or kid-friendly cool ranch for dipping. Or they might go for a Carolina pulled pork sandwich just for the crusty freshly baked roll, from a bakery down the street.  Or maybe low and slow brisket.  Bitty vegans can even enjoy fried green tomato BLT with tofu.  That side of house-made slaw is vegan too.

We’re Thirsty!
Honest-to-goodness fresh lemonade awaits.  Ooo, so tart.  There’s even tooth achingly sweet tea (so Southern) for a little pick-me-up.  Or better yet, how about trying a local draft-brewed beer?  That’s Southern hospitality right there.


Big Eyes, Small Tummies
We’re talking portions that the whole brood can share, so keep that in mind when ordering.  That two-fisted sweet & spicy Cajun shrimp sandwich leaves you with enough for lunch tomorrow.  So try a kiddos order scaled to size, and priced to match (just $8).  And it comes with a side, a drink and dessert to boot.roadside_kids

Save Room for Dessert
Don’t forget the special meal comes with a homemade cookie. Soft, fresh, warm from the oven cookie.  Still hungry?  The house-made fried fruit pies – kinda like an overstuffed Pop Tart – will remedy any last remaining pangs.  Get ’em to go, if you’ve OD’d on sweets at the movie.  You won’t be sorry.

Roadside Eats
6374 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, Ca 90028
Phone: 323-364-0060

– Kim Orchen Cooper

What’s your favorite dinner and a movie joint (when romance isn’t on the menu, that is)?

Photos courtesy of the author.