If you and your kids are ready for an adventurous, challenging activity (sans dirt and heat) look no further than Top Out Climbing in Santa Clarita. Combine state-of-the art climbing walls for every level with cool lounge areas, and you have a great way to spend an air conditioned day. Bonus: the enormous rock climbing gym will wear out even the most active kids. You can thank us for that mega-nap later.

Pick a Wall, Any Wall
Giant walls jut out in strategic angles like a futuristic Bubble Gum Alley. Climbers can choose from the auto-belay roped walls (where retractable straps allow younger and beginner climbers to be safely unassisted from the ground) or bouldering walls (un-roped and killer – in a good way – for your upper arms).

Photo: Shannon Guyton

What to Know Before You Go
Kids as young as three can climb, but kids 7 and up will get the most out of the experience here. The most popular wall for kids allows them to climb to the top to a lounge that overlooks the whole facility.

Climbing shoes aren’t necessary, but wear closed toe sneakers if you’re not going to bring or rent ($4) climbing shoes.

Top Out offers birthday parties starting at $150 for eight kids (if you’ve ever had a party outside your house you know this is a steal!), competition leagues for kids 7 and up, and summer camp ($175 per week).

Top of the Lounge View / Photo credit: Shannon Guyton

The Cost to Climb

It’s not the cheapest activity you can do, but since the gym only offers full day passes (at $16 each), you can make it last and stay all day. Bring your lunch and plenty of water, and your mommy group or other friends, and take turns supervising kids and conquering your own walls. You can also save money by taking advantage of specials and theme nights, like on the 4th Friday of the month when they offer Family Night passes for $5, or every Tuesday when admission is just $10 for the day.

And Just For You
This is a great place for parents to sweat.  In addition to the climbing walls, Top Out Climbing offers basic gym equipment like a treadmill and TRX machine, as well as Yoga classes in a peaceful studio upstairs.

Top Out Climbing

26332 Ferry Court
Santa Clarita, Ca 91354
Phone: 661-288-1813
Online: topoutclimbing.com

-Shannon Guyton

Photo credits: Shannon Guyton, Top Out Climbing

Have you taken the kids rock climbing lately?  Where do you go?