In 2013, a five-year-old named Miles made a big wish—to live as Batman for a day. And luckily for him, his wish came true thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The Foundation and the city of San Francisco worked together to give Miles his day as Batman, becoming San Francisco’s “Bat Kid” and an overnight viral sensation.

In the five years since his big day, Miles has returned to being a typical kiddo: he goes to school, plays Little League and does whatever it is that fifth graders are totally into, but with one very special caveat: Miles is now cancer-free!

Five years ago, the future wasn’t necessarily as certain for Miles and his family. On Nov. 15, 2013 Miles had just finished treatment for leukemia. And thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miles also got to make his dreams come true. According to his mom, Natalie, on the Make-A-Wish website, “This wish has meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son’s body.”

After heroically battling leukemia for most of his young life, Miles got a turn as an IRL superhero. The City of San Francisco, San Francisco Fire Department, San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco Giants and plenty of other helpers turned Miles’ hometown into Gotham for the day.

Dressed as his fave superhero, “Bat Kid” paraded around town, freed Giants’ mascot Lou Seal, defeated villains and got a key to the city.

According to the Make-A-Wish website, Miles has been in remission for five years now and only needs to see his oncologist once a year. Now that’s a wish come true!

You can learn more about this brave boy’s story, featured in the Warner Bros. documentary Batkid Begins. This sweet story is available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Red Box and Vudu.

—Erica Loop



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