It’s time for your annual family holiday picture, but there’s no need to panic. In the land of sunshine, everyone and everything is always ready for a close up. Our favorite local photographers gave us the inside scoop on their secret spots in Los Angeles to take a wonderful and unique family photo, as well as tips for taking pictures you’ll treasure forever.

Super Spot: Your Home

Why it's Great: "Taking family portraits in the comfort of your own home is super easy (no travel necessary), personal and one of a kind. With lots of natural light, you can get beautiful portraits in any room (or yard too!). Capture the family cuddling on the couch, the kids jumping on a bed, or the babies playing in their element. The pictures will be fun and super candid while showcasing the personality of your abode. Plus, all your furry family members are welcome too! It's a great way to display the love, joy and uniqueness of your happy family in their happy place."

Chaya, Photographer of CG Photography, Winner of this year's Totally Awesome Award for Family Photographer

Want more ideas? From modern tech to a simple snowball effect, we’ve got a dozen unique thoughts to inspire you further in this flipbook.

What are your favorite holiday photo spots in Los Angeles? Leave us a comment below telling us where your family is taking holiday photos this year.