Sure.  You have your birthday.  But all you had to do for that was get born, and let’s be honest, without the bouncy house and princess party, no one’s that interested in how you celebrate.  But when it comes to Mother’s Day, you own that thing.  You earned that thing.  We suggest living it large, letting them take charge, and maybe mix in a little Magnolia to frost the day some kind of wonderful.


There are cupcakes, and there are Carrie approved cupcakes. There’s just something about a bakery.  That smell of salt and sugar, mingling in a mid-air seduction.  The visual vacillation between frosting & sprinkles, fondants & flour.  And the gorgeously gripping realization that you’re not responsible for cleaning up any of it. (Happy.  Mother’s.  Day.)  Magnolia nails the mirage in a fashion even the most fashionable can’t resist.  And on this day, resistance has no place in your plans.


Which is why they created a cupcake just for Moms… Throw back pictures of vintage vixens (AKA moms), sugar dusted with sea foam handwriting, how very Magnolia.  From the flourless cupcakes adorned with pale pink vanilla bean merengue buttercream (seriously, was that six of our favorite words strung together?) to the shortbread cookies rolled in pink and purple sanding sugar or dipped and decorated with pink and white nonpareils.


Magnolia may be Heaven, but parking on Third is the Devil’s work. Copy that.  So here’s a little trick we’ve found to take the edge off all that metered mayhem.  Magnolia Bakery sits on the corner of Orlando and Third.  That block north of Third on Orlando is parking gold and we recommend taking the road less traveled, particularly if you’re messing with strollers.  (Just mind the loading zone.)  Two hours free, no meters, and you don’t even have to cross the street to get to the Garden of Eatin’.


Take your treat, or have a seat. Honestly, it’s so delightful here.  One inhale and all your ails vacate into the sugar scented air.  And it’s not like Third Street lacks for retail therapy when you’re through.  So make this day all about YOU.  Mason jars overflowing with wild blooms.  Ice cream tables and Robins Egg Blue chairs.  And really good coffee.  Feet up, breathe it in.  Pull out a seat and have some custom made Mom treats with your petite pals.  They’re the ones who got you here after all.  So fine, maybe let them share a lick of frosting…


But then definitely score some of those shortbread cookies for later.  You’ve got all day to celebrate.


Getting your hands on these goodies: Pre-order or walk in and pick your pleasure, individually boxed and tied with a bow – hands off kids.  That’s your picture on the icing. Since these are Mother’s Day cupcakes, they’re available on Mother’s Day only – so get that pre-order in now or you’re taking your chances that these delights may be sold out.  And then swing back by on May 12th (or send someone else while you’re getting a massage or manicure) to pick up your treats. Magnolia Bakery 8389 West Third Street Los Angeles, Ca 90048 Phone: 323-951-0636 Online: Where will you get your Mother’s Day sweet treats?  Nothing low-fat or sugar-free allowed, you’ve got to indulge on your day! –written and photographed by Jolie Loeb