Who loves Daddy? We do!

While Dad’s are notoriously easy to please, we are working hard to collect the best ideas for gift giving for this super manly holiday. Whether you have a James Bond or an armchair quarter back on your hands get creative and share your gifting secrets.

We will choose the top five gift ideas from our reader submissions and publish them in a round up on Friday. So share the wisdom and send in your ideas! You can either post to your local Facebook page or submit them here in the comments. In return  we are giving away a great gift idea of our own in the form of a super cool BBQ gadget from our friends at FlameDisk.

This handy portable grill goes anywhere and will make for another great way to celebrate the day on the go. All five of our users will get one of these handy devices!

The FlameDisk Complete Grilling Kit is the easiest and fastest way to grill anywhere. The grill requires no assembly and features adjustable heat output. Additionally, the first FlameDisk is included as well as a carrying case. The entire grill is dishwasher safe too, so cleanup has never been easier. The grill is very portable and perfect for tailgating, camping, boating, and picnicking.

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