This summer the kids will be climbing the walls—and so will you! The Museum of Illusions just opened its newest mind-bending exhibit that will literally turn your world upside down in the best way possible. A visit to the Upside Down House, which officially opens June 7, will not only be a day that the kids won’t soon forget but you’ll leave with some pretty epic photos. Here’s the full scoop (and a deal to save you a few bucks)!

Special discount for Red Tricycle readers: use code REDTRI at checkout and you’ll save 15% on admission to Upside Down House. Bonus: kids five and under are always free!

Full disclosure: the Museum of Illusions is not like any other museum in town. You can throw out all of the “don’t touch” and “use your inside voice” cautions on this museum visit! Totally kid-friendly (and basically a parent’s dream), you are encouraged to touch and interact with every part of the exhibits and Upside Down House is no exception.

While the original Museum of Illusions exhibit uses 3D graphics painted on the walls to immerse you into other worlds, Upside Down House creates a physical environment where everything in the room is flipped 180 degrees. Enter the kitchen and you can hang from the chairs and float in midair above a platter of food. What would it be like to sip a milkshake on the ceiling? At the Upside Down House you can find out!

Where ever your imagination takes you, that’s the limit of what you can do in the Upside Down House. Head to the bedroom and do cartwheels on the ceiling or climb the bookshelf like a ladder. Kids will especially love hanging from the toilet in the bathroom—a gross/epic photo is guaranteed.

Best enjoyed in groups (think: birthday party!), bring your whole crew and let the kids loose to see where their imagination takes them. You can even get in on the action yourself and opt for the VIP treatment where you turn over picture-taking duties to a pro photographer who will follow you through the exhibit and send you Insta-worthy photos at the end. While there’s no limit to how long you can spend at the museum, people typically take 45-60 minutes to experience the whole house.

Ready to plan your visit? We’ve got options for you! Snag an all-access pass if you want to check out both the Museum of Illusions’ original 3D exhibit along with the Upside Down House. You can also opt to visit just one and save the other for another day. Whatever you decide, use code REDTRI at checkout and you’ll save 15% on admission to Upside Down House. Bonus: kids five and under are always free!

Museum of Illusions
6751 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

—Kate Loweth