We’re still vacuuming sand out of the car from the last beach trip.  Kids are tow-headed from all the sunshine and punchy from ice cream and late night bedtimes (who can resist with all these fabulous outdoor movies and concerts?).  We’re not ready for it to end.  But there is one thing that gets us all feeling Fall – back to school shopping.  At any and every age there’s something reassuring about the yearly routine of discovering that new thing that makes toting goodies (be it diapers or homework) and snacks (be it goldfish or sushi rolls) easy and fun.  So we sought out the hippest houses of back to school paraphernalia for a stock up shopping day.  Have fun!

Poppy: Precious Pulchritude

Tucked away in the Brentwood Country Mart there’s a story filled clothes that are exactly how we love to dress our kids. Or the way we would love to dress our kids, if they didn’t rip knees in every pair of trousers and spill cranberry juice on every white dress within seconds of putting it on. But it’s back to school, a once a year treat, and you really want those fabulous first day pictures. So indulge. Get the backpacks and back to school shoes that are beyond beautiful. Until they spill, it’s a sight for sore eyes.

Poppy, The Brentwood Countrymart, Brentwood
Online: poppystores.com

Still standing?  Still shopping?  We’ve also combed the internet for the greatest goods for our ultimate Back to School Guide.

Where do you go for unique local shopping?  Let us know!

Photo credit: Meghan Rose, Monkey Pants, pickettfences.com, dabbawallabags.com, JapanLA via facebook, thewishingwellshop.blogspot.com, and poppystores.com