Tumbleweed Day Camp

We have everything you want for your child and everything your child wants this summer. we are 100% unplugged – no screens, no apps, no social media stress. Instead of wasting time on technology, we make friends, share ideas, and laugh together. we explore all day long! With 100 private acres in sunny Los Angeles, the opportunities for fun are endless. most importantly, we play. Children learn how to be their best selves through play. Our highly trained staff create caring, safe and supporting environments for this learning to happen. Oh, and did we mention transportation is included for all camp programs, we have after-camp horseback riding lessons, there is extended afternoon care, AND we have popsicles every Thursdays and Fridays? Yep. Get ready for the best summer ever.


-from Liz Kimmelman, Tumbleweed Day Camp
1024 Hanley Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90049
Phone: 310-472-7474
Online: tumbleweedcamp.com