With the yuletide carol for inspiration, we’ve cooked up our own “Twelve Days of Christmas” Red Tricycle style.* Each day is filled with a unique activity to keep little elves occupado (and you somewhat sane) through the holidays and beyond. In fact, most of these jolly ideas can be pulled out of your Santa hat any old time of year. So warm up those vocal chords, channel your inner Adele and sing along. And a one and a two and…

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

Red Tricycle gave to me: Eight moms a milking...
If your brood's craving all the yumtastic treats the holidays have to offer, there's no better place to swing by this season than Milk. From hot chocolate made with their homemade hot fudge to chocolate candy cane cupcakes and scrumptious gingerbread men cake (we die!), you're tummies will be shaking like a bowl full of jelly by the time you leave. Don't worry, mom and dad, there are healthier options too, with Milk's extensive selection of fantastic salads, soups and sandwiches. Just make sure you wash all "good-for-you" stuff down with a triple chocolate shake. You're welcome. For menu and hours, visit themilkshop.com.

*Okay, okay, we know the “Twelve Days of Christmas” don’t officially kick off till Christmas Day, but we’ve never been very good at playing by the rules. Plus, with your kiddos’ winter breaks fast approaching, we know you have tons of tot-tainment time to fill between now and then. Happy Holidays!

How will you keep your kiddos entertained around LA during the holidays? Share any fun ideas you might have in the comments below.

–Jennifer O’Brien

Photo Credit: Million Trees LA via Facebook, Compartes Chocolatier via Facebook, Rick Mueller for Farm Sanctuary, In Sappho We Trust via Creative Commons, DK’s Donuts and Bakery via Facebook, Los Encinos State Historic Park via Facebook, Hotel Bel-Air, Milk via Facebook, Mulholland Memorial Fountain via HQ on Yelp, Sky High Sports, The Pizza Studio via Facebook and Vmiramontes via Flickr

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