kidstrikeWanna be the coolest parent in town? Win this tricycle and watch the pure joy onyour kiddo’s face as you unveil it. Even better, take it to a playground or park and watch all the other kids freak out (we know, we tried it for the photo shoot).

In honor of our new “makeover” we asked  Todd Davis (HGTV, Epic Spaces and the upcoming book Handy Dad) to make-over our tricycle. This totally rad tricked-out trike features a red velvet covered 18″ banana seat (ample enough for 2 tiny bottoms) with gold plated sissy bars, Swiss-made black dyed leather grips with gold/aluminum clamps and leather tassels, 20″ gold plated “Ape Hanger” handlebars, custom goose neck, “Chopper” forks with spring shock absorber, Round Sprocket front sandwich rims,  8″ dual rear exhaust mufflers, antique squeeze horn,  heart-shaped rear rim sandwich sprockets, and gold-plated 6″ seat post.

This original, one-of-a-kind, signed tricycle is valued at $1500.


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Anyone who already subscribes, signs up or who refers a friend  between now and Dec 1 will be entered to win a the tricycle. Winner will be announced on Dec 5. (just in time for the Holidays).

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