There’s pretty much nothing a mom can’t do and these LA moms area a great example. They found a need in the community and set about providing a solution—be that a service that will drive your kids to school or an organic DIY lunch kit that will have your kids eating veggie on the regular. Read on to get inspired!


Sunnie Co-Founders Katy Tucker and Lisette Howard are really into food. You might say that their friendship simmered over their mutual love of all things culinary. Both love cooking—especially for their families—yet both utterly loathe packing lunches. When it came to their kids’ lunches, each day felt like climbing a mountain. Some days, they’d make it to the summit and other days—most days—well, they didn’t. Check them out here


Chriselle Lim and Joan Nguyen created BÜMO ("parents" in Korean) to help millennial and Gen-Z parents streamline their lives, work on advancing their careers and find support from like-minded parents. It started with an idea for a co-working space for parents and morphed into a support system and more. Sign up for their newsletter here

Kendra Greenberg Photography

Mom Kendra Greenberg knows how tough it is to photograph kids. With three of her own, she has the experience you need to tackle photographing a temperamental toddler or moody tween. She specializes in photographing newborns and families while making the experience as low stress as possible. You can find all her picture-taking tips here and check out her website to book her for your next family photo shoot. 

Little Play Society

Little Play Society is the business of two college friends and moms, LaTanya and Teree. They opened the cutest playspace in Mid-City as a safe place for kids to explore in learn. Sadly, the playspace was a victim of the COVID pandemic and they had to close, but the business lives on through classes in the park, play equipment rental and birthday party services. Check them out here

Sap + Honey

Located in Sherman Oaks, Sap + Honey is a mom-owned children's clothing and gift boutique that opened its doors in October of 2017.  Started and run by Kathryn Perlin, Sap + Honey prides itself on selling handpicked goods from some of the most reputable brands all over the world and locally. You can find adorable kids clothes up to size 10 and a growing collection of looks for mom as well. While their LA location is temporarily closed, you can shop online

Tumbleweed Day Camps

A consistent favorite of Red Tricycle families, Tumbleweed Day Camp is owned by Liz Kimmelman and has been in business for over 65 years. Totally unplugged, these camps explore 100 private acres of Los Angeles where kids learn how to be their best selves through play. They've got you covered for spring break camps and summer camps for kids ages 4 and up. You can read all of Liz's expert advice on day camps and out their programs here


Rene Dua, M.D., founder and chief medical officer created Heal after seven hours in an emergency room with her infant son. As a doctor and mother, she shared the frustration of anyone who's ever waited three weeks for a doctor's appointment, sat in a germ-filled waiting room, or rushed to the ER because they had no other choice. That's where Heal was born. Check it out here


Founded my mom Joanna McFarland, HopSkipDrive is a kid transportation service that books reliable and safe rides to get kids to school, lessons, sports and home again. Rides are tracked in real time so that you know where your little ones are at all times and rides are guaranteed even with as little as 8 hours notice. Check them out here

Super Mamas Podcast

Sisters Bricia Lopez and Paulina Lopez are both LA moms and together they host the Super Mamas podcast. It’s a judgement-free zone where they share personal experiences with motherhood, family, friends, and life, and interview cool super mamas and mamacitas in the community. Check out their blog and listen to them on Spotify or Apple podcasts

SANZA Jewelry

SANZA Jewelry was founded by Sandra Zadeh with one goal in mind: providing a high quality, smart and reliable online jewelry store. A boy-mom with an eye for what women want, Sandra brings gorgeous statement pieces and timeless jewelry to you. Check out her online store and treat yourself! 

Prep + Rally

Dini Klein is the mom behind Prep + Rally, a family-friendly meal prep subscription service. They take the Sunday meal prep game to a whole new level each week by giving busy families unique, easy to follow, affordable, and flavorful recipes to prep on Sunday. Those staples then break down to four fully prepped meals throughout the week. What's not to love? Check out their program here

—Shannan Rouss & Kate Loweth


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