So you’re finally starting to get some semblance of a weekday routine with the whole fam stuck at home. Now onto the weekend—gulp. Before you panic, read on for some creative, new ways to keep the kids entertained during the time of social distancing.

Rock Out
Kids can drum along to a live show by The BeatBuds during the week. The duo live-streams their performance every weekday at 9:30a.m., but you can check out the concert any time on YouTube.

Create a Masterpiece
The Broad is the latest museum to offer special content for kids at-home. Every Fri., there will be a new art activity tutorial for families, inspired by artists from the Broad collection.

Pull Some Strings
Make your own puppets with this online tutorial, courtesy of the pros at the iconic Bob Baker Marionette Theater. They also have a free Bob Baker coloring book that you can download here.

Wing It
Discover a real-life bald eagles’ nest, 110 ft. up in the air, in Big Bear, Calif. The live webcam keeps a watch on two the two birds of prey, Jackie and Shadow, 24/7.  If you don’t see them in the nest, just scroll back through the video for a glimpse.

Say Hi-Yah!
With playgrounds and playdates off limits, kids have all the energy to expend. Kick-start your weekend with a live Ninja Zone class of Fri. morning (and on any weekday).

Do Some Doodling
Illustrator and author Mo Willems (creator of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Busand other kid favorites) hosts a daily Lunch Doodle. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo for some creative fun.

Fort(ify) Yourself
Bring out the boxes, blankets and spare sheets—it’s time to build an epic indoor fort.

Hatch a Plan
You don’t need to celebrate Easter to enjoy this egg-cellent activity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to dying your own dino eggs.

–Shannan Rouss