Now that you’re a new mama, how many hours of sleep have you lost? According to the website Play Like Mum, a new mother who nurses can lose roughly 419 hours of sleep—and that’s only in the first year!

If you’re curious about the hours of sleep you’re losing, Play Like Mum has a calculator that can help you estimate a grand total.

photo: Fancycrave1 via Pixabay

Even though breastfeeding mamas can lose up to the equivalent of two whole weeks of sleep in the first year, they aren’t the only tired parents out there. Mothers who bottle feed lose nearly 388 hours of sleep in the first year and men lose an average of 13 minutes per night, according to Play Like Mum.

So how does this calculator work? Just click here for the lost sleep calculator and enter a few key details. These include your baby’s birth date, whether you’re female or male, and if you are (or were) breastfeeding. Click on “calculate” and you’ll have an answer.

—Erica Loop



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