Those Tasty recipe videos are it for you. Come on, you can’t stop watching them. They’re packed with ideas that you drool over all the time. With every clip, you’re inspired to transform yourself into the queen of the kitchen, creating all kinds of yummy treats. Well, now Tasty and Walmart are partnering to make your culinary dreams come true. Okay, they’re partnering to make your culinary dreams a bit easier.

Now when you open the Tasty app you’ll get direct links to all of the kitchen gear that you need to whip up the recipes galore. Oh, and it gets better. After the new year you’ll be able to get links straight to the ingredients that you need and get them ASAP through Walmart’s online grocery pickup.

Yep, that’s right. You can sit in your living room watching Tasty recipe videos, pick a fave foodie find, order what you need to cook or bake it and then pick up the goods at Walmart. And you don’t ever have to step foot in a store. That leaves more time to try even more recipes, creating culinary awesomeness for your whole family right in your kitchen!

What’s your favorite Tasty recipe? Share your top pick in the comments section below.