Building blocks are an absolutely essential plaything in every baby’s toy box. Aside from offering hours of child-directed fun, they do wonders for building spatial awareness, motor development, language and problem-solving skills. Read on to discover why Lovevery’s Block Set is only one you’ll need.

More than 20 ways to play and learn!
Expertly crafted for infinite play potential, The Block Set is both comprehensive and flexible in its design. The system consists of 70 wood pieces in a variety of shapes and a rainbow of beautiful hues. From cubes, planks, and geometric shapes, to solid wood people, wheels, and threading blocks, The Block Set has everything your child needs to grow into a lifelong learner.

The Lovevery Block Set is simple yet sophisticated with research-driven tools for your child’s developing brain. Babies, tots, and kids can stack, sort, roll, count and categorize while connecting the dots between basic concepts. What’s more, a stage-based guide packed with 20+ developmental activities and with clear and actionable instructions provides a logical map for inspiring learning through play.

Grows with your child
The Block Set by Lovevery is intended to become your family’s favorite box of open-ended amusement. The fun begins at 18 months when baby can use its modular features to discover cause and effect, gravity, and velocity. As your child grows, so does the potential for play. You might find your little one building a city, acting out a story, or challenging their creativity and confidence by physically engaging with the blocks. Watch your little one mix and match activities as they advance. When ready, your child can follow a sequence of steps and transform the set’s compact wooden storage box into a charming pull car.

The name of the game is experimentation with this set. And it lasts well beyond the first four years of your child’s development. Learning activities range to meet every stage of your child’s growth. The blocks are all made to last and crafted using 100% child-safe materials, including FSC-certified sustainably harvested wood with water-based non-toxic finishes.

Supports early childhood development
The magic of childhood is captured in this timeless toy set. In addition to being simply fun, it’s designed under the guiding principles of the Montessori method of teaching. Moreover, the Block Set can help little kids grasp STEM concepts like math, physics and engineering. Whether your child is leading their own play or following your lead, they can unknowingly be practicing everything from higher-order planning to hand-eye coordination.

Your child might start out examining and categorizing the blocks or fitting them together spatially. Then, engage in pattern play and explore connections. Next, you might overhear the wooden friends talking about feelings. Or spy your child investigating how things balance or topple over. Your child’s development and imagination may flourish as they create and learn.

Want to learn more? The Block Set makes a great gift and is available at for $90. Lovevery also has a subscription program of age-based Play Kits that are delivered by developmental stages and span from newborn to 24 months. Check them out!

—Whitney Harris

photos: Lovevery