If you’ve been an avid Lovevery fan, your three year olds may have been a little bored lately. That’s because the award-winning playsets previously capped out when your littles hit 36 months. But that just changed!

Lovevery Play Kits now span from newborn to 4 years old! That’s right, four new kits for the “Year of Self” are now available and promise hours of imaginative play, growth and so much more. Keep scrolling to see the brand new kits!

The Observer

Months 37, 38, 39

Let your littles explore the world around them, especially as it pertains to their own home, routines and self care.

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The Storyteller

Months 40, 41, 42

Kids will use the art of stories to explore their home (mop included!), math concepts, letters and sounds.

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The Problem Solver

Months 43, 44, 45

It's all about categorization, counting and comparing numbers as your little problem solvers start to flourish.

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The Analyst

Months 46, 47, 48

Fine motor skills and STEM activities come together in this analyst-inspired kit that encourages kids with tons of hands-on play.

Get it here.

As with all Lovevery kits, you can sign up for a subscription or purchase boxes individually. Happy learning!



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