There’s news in the cereal world — and it isn’t good. General Mills will retire the hourglass marshmallow from Lucky Charms. Yep, that’s right. The beloved “charm” (that has been in the mix since 2008) is taking its final bow and waving goodbye to the breakfast aisle. Oh, but this isn’t exactly the first change for the monumental munchy marshmallow-packed cereal.

While you, and your kiddo, may think of Lucky Charms in its modern marshmallow form, it hasn’t always looked that way. In 1963, when the cereal was first released, it was filled with green clovers, pink hearts, orange stars and yellow moons. In 1975 a new addition made its way to the cereal box. The blue diamond joined the sugary sweet line-up but sadly didn’t stick around for the long-run.

By 1983 the marshmallow roster had changed again, adding purple horseshoes to the mix. This was followed by red balloons in 1989, green trees in 1991, rainbows in 1992, blue moons in 1995, leprechaun hats in 1997, orange shooting stars in 1998, a crystal ball in 2011 and an hourglass in 2008.

With the retirements have come replacements, obviously. So which marshmallow will replace the decade-old hourglass? General Mills, the maker of Lucky Charms, is still yet to say.

What’s your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow? Share your pick in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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