Beware! If you’re looking to get your hands on free athleisure wear in 2019, don’t fall for this Lululemon recruitment scam. A recent scam surfaced on Instagram, and if you’re all about this super-popular yoga/athleisure brand, you need to know about it.

Sometimes those way too good to be true ads on IG are just that. An IG account called recently shared a post claiming that the Lululemon brand was looking for 150 ambassadors for 2019.

According to the ad, the ambassadors would receive free Lululemon clothing, first access to new lines, gift cards and discounts. Sounds pretty perfect right? Hmm…maybe a bit too perfect. The ad also stated that the only requirements for consideration were having 150 IG followers, following the account ( and reposting the original post on Instagram Stories.

When asked on Twitter if this ad was for real, a rep for the real Lululemon account responded, “We’re not associated with this account and have already looped in our brand protection team—they are on it! You’ll know an account is ours if it has a blue verified check mark.”

While the fake IG page did manage to get more than 350,000 followers over the course of their not-so-real promotion, the account is now no more. But it seems like others are still trying to scam social media followers. There are now several new accounts that have popped up on IG, all with the fake brand ambassador ad.

To repeat: these ads are NOT the real deal. As Lululemon pointed out on Twitter, its social media accounts are verified and thus have the check mark.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Lululemon via Instagram 



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