National Paul Bunyan Day comes just once a year so get the log-party rolling by playing games inspired by America’s most legendary lumberjack. Read on for 3 simple, lively and low-cost ideas.

lumberjack lego guy

Caber Toss for Tots
The Scottish sport of essentially chucking a massive log can be safely replicated at home with a little space and some sticks or bamboo poles. Scoring is not based on distance thrown but rather balance. The thrower must first balance the log on end in their hands (it’s okay to use your body for support) and then pushes it out trying to get the caber to land end over end. The more upright the toss the better (you’ll be surprised how often the stick or logs lean to one side before, during and after a throw). The straightest throw scores the highest.

Pole Climb
Head to your local playground for this replica of the infamous lumberjack game. It’s pretty basic: find a pole and see who can climb it the highest/fastest.

Log Rolling
If you don’t have some personal-sized logs on hand, you can do this one with pool noodles. This kid-friendly version of traditional log rolling requires no balancing on the top of logs in a river. You’ll also need a timer of some kind. Mark out a “finish” line and then see who can make it to the finish line first. You can also have each participant “roll” their log one at a time and use the clock to see who has the best time. The log has to stay on the ground and cannot be carried.

What’s your favorite log-centric game? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier

photo: Dave Mathis via flickr