Any new parent who has spent hours agonizing over the rhythms of their newborn’s behaviors and needs will appreciate a brand new baby monitoring system developed by Pampers to help track a baby’s schedule.

Lumi by Pampers uses a tracker attached to a baby’s diaper to collect data on sleep and wet diapers, in order to give parents a better understanding of their little one’s routine. The system uses a 1080p wide-angle HD video monitor and activity sensors which can be attached to specially-designed diapers. The sensors track wet diapers and sleep patterns, then store the data in the Lumi app.

Parents can also add feeding schedules and important milestones in the app as well, to develop a more detailed picture of what their baby’s routine looks like. The sensor will only work with Lumi by Pampers diapers, which will be available in sizes zero to four. According to Blanca Arizti, the product technology lead for Startup Pampers, they won’t cost much more than regular Pampers diapers.

“Routine is hard to establish for a baby,” Omer Sher, the head of Startup Pampers told USA Today, “And even once it’s established, it can change over time as the baby grows and develops.”

The entire system, which doesn’t have a listed price yet, will be available to purchase online-only, starting this fall.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pampers 



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