In these modern times, traveling around the world doesn’t have to take 80 days (or a hot air balloon!). With a little creativity, your travelers-in-training can learn about other people, places and things, all without leaving the living room. From the world on a wall to interactive games and books, flip through the album below for nine fun toys and gadgets to help feed the family’s cultural cravings in no time.

Color the Earth

Let little imaginations run wild with a blank slate (err… planet) from Seedling. Gear your explorers up with a rainbow of color markers, let them color in their bucket list destinations, countries they’re studying in school, or maybe even where relatives live— all on the jersey cotton surface of Planet Earth. When it’s done, they’ll have The World According to Me.  It’s the perfect combination of learning and fun.

Available at, $19.99.

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—Gabby Cullen