If you and your kiddos are looking for a fun and easy arts and craft activity to occupy your time this weekend then we suggest making a dishtowel apron. Once you’ve constructed your super cool dishtowel apron, we suggest taking a look through our recipes to put that dishtowel apron to good use!

What You’ll Need:
– A cute dish towel

– Scissors

– Ribbon (at least 1 yard)

– Fabric glue

What to Do:
1. Take the dish towel and cut the top two corners off.

2. Fold the just cut portions over about an inch and glue them down, leaving an open space to thread the ribbon through.

3. Thread the ribbon through.

4. Use felt, beads, buttons, to add whatever embellishments you like! We suggest a cupcake!

Audrey Davidow is a cupcake-obsessed mom and writer living in Los Angeles. You can buy her book entitled CoCo Levine, Cupcake Queen: Fabulous Adventures in Cooking, Crafting and Friendship here.